What can be said about the Sandy's crew? They're about as eclectic as the U.N.  We
have mothers, party people, philosophers, career types, big and small. Each one
ready with a smile, a sympathetic ear, or a good joke to make you smile. Each one
dedicated to service to make sure you go home happy.
Eric- The proprietor of Sandy's since 1979. This
Navy man is there everyday to make sure the place
is running smooth. Always ready for the political
arena, or with a bad joke or two. Don't get him
started on Golf!

Deb- The backbone of Sandy's. She's behind the
scenes making sure everything runs smooth, and we
get paid. That makes her our favorite!

Kevin- From discolored hair to funny quotes on a
shirt, this is the man you come to see for total
entertainment! Our own kick in the butt from the
moment he walks in the door! Never a dull moment
with Kev as your bartender! He even sings(to his
own little melody, but he does sing)!  

Nicole- The Goddess of Sandy's. She's a fireball,
this one. Always with a smile, a good word, and I
have yet to see her in a bad mood. But beware, if
you don't follow the rules, she'll mix it up with even
the big boys!

Anna-  The pixie flies around the kitchen bringing you
the best lunch time experience that she can. Fun and
bubbles galore, she will have you smiling on a bad

Sebi- The sequel to Smitty (Her son) the second
generation is here to dazzle you with his burger
sizzle. He's all set to make your night just a little more

Emily- This breeze is all around our dining room for
our lunch crowd. Always with a smile and a kind
word to keep your day going.

Annie- For one day only. (Well, one day a week.) this
special lady is here to make your Sunday's special.
Quick witted and dynamic lady will keep you on your

Sue- The Matron Saint of Sandy's is back in action.
Working a few days, make sure you come in and say
"hi" and welcome back.

Adam (Monkey) - This long time regular was finally
worn down and started working here. He's a big
goofy cuddle Monkey! Also known for his Vanna
Monkey work during trivia.

Sammie- Our weekend warrior. Her wit and bite may
actually be worse than her bark! She's dry like a nice
white, and just as fun as a spritzer!

Leah- This little firecracker will make your evening.
She puts the fun back into dysfunctional! Quick on
the draw and even quicker to make you smile, she'll
get it done!